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Who are we?

Innovance Technologies is a software development company which mainly focused on the advancement of innovations in South Africa and the rest of Africa. We believe in partnering with our cllients in their business journey, we take care of their software developments needs, so they can focus on running their company.


Our Mission

To become the leading software development agency in Africa which creates products that are meaningful, exciting to use and simplify the lives of people.


Previous Projects

We have a proven track record of developing softwares that have become successful in the marketplace and continue to increase in popularity. Amongst the many we have created, here are few:

1. VarsityXchange – Did you know, we helped build VarsityXchange – A classifieds platform that caters for university students to easily find private accommodations near their university. Developed in 2017. To date it has received over 200,000 user views and it won an international award as “The most innovative online university resource “ from Corporate VisionMagazine, based in UK.

News article about VarsityXchange:

Website link :

Duration of Development: 4 weeks

2. AgriFreeTrade – A marketplace website and mobile apps that connect farmers directly to consumers, cutting down on costs incurred when the farmer has a middleman (retail shops) between the farmer and the customer.

Website link :

Duration of Development: April 2020 – August 2020

3. Golf Cup Charity Event – A website to raise funds for a foundation, owned by a public company. The foundation raised over R100,000 for charity which was securely done through the website.

Duration of Development: 3 Weeks

4. Walkman – A mobile app prototype for a startup company, which specializes in long-distance travelling.

Duration of Development: 1 month

5. Klozer – The first of its kind, private undergraduate applications processing platform, that helps scholars to apply to universities and colleges with ease, and also track their applications statuses in one-place.


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