About Us

University life can be demanding

You work hard every day in university, back and forth classes, assignments and tests, did we mention exams, laundry, cooking, studying? Phew. The list goes on and on… That’s why we had to make it easy for you to find what you need around campus. Whenever you need it you will get it – right here.

VarsityXchange lets you easily;

  • Sell your previous Textbooks, Fridge, Laptop, and many more
  • Get Emergency Contact numbers  of the services within the University.
  • Get access to available Student Opportunities, such as,

Student Jobs;  Bursaries; Learnerships, Internships,

  • Know and get Off-campus accommodation without the struggle that comes with searching for a good room
  • Advertise your business, so other students can find you when they need your expertise ; whether it be Clothing, Fix and Repair, Printing, Copying businesses – all types of businesses.
  • Know about Events/Shows that will take place On-Campus ; Movies, Games, Auditions and more

VarsityXchange is here for you!